50 Best Serendipity Quotes

Serendipity Quotes

Serendipity is when someone accidentally finds something good. An example of serendipity is finding a fifty-dollar bill in the pocket of a pants you haven’t worn in a while, or in love, it’s finding something you’re not looking for.

Here are 50 quotes about serendipity if you are feeling inspired about it.

“Vital lives are about action. You can’t feel warmth unless you create it, can’t feel delight until you play, can’t know serendipity unless you risk.” Joan Erickson

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“Serendipity always rewards the prepared.” Katori Hall

“There isn’t any questioning the fact that some people enter your life, at the exact point of need, want or desire – it’s sometimes a coincidence and most times fate, but whatever it is, I am certain it came to make me smile.” Nikki Rowe

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“There’s always going to be the circumstances you can’t plan for. There’s always the unexpected relevance and the serendipity.” Jason Silva

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“It’s a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn’t even know you were aiming for.” Lois McMaster Bujold

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“Sometimes life drops blessings in your lap without your lifting a finger. Serendipity, they call it.” Charlton Heston

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.” Elizabeth Berg

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

I’ve always loved life, and I’ve never known what’s ahead. I love not knowing what might be round the corner. I love serendipity. Twiggy

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“With a library it is easier to hope for serendipity than to look for a precise answer.” Lemony Snicket

There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking. David Coleman

“I can’t explain why your name seems so familiar to me, or why it feels like I’ve heard your voice a thousand times before, but I can explain this ~ your the type of chaos Id bleed for.” Nikki Rowe

Most discoveries even today are a combination of serendipity and of searching. Siddhartha Mukherjee

“The complexity of the simplest known type of cell is so great that it is impossible to accept that such an object could have been thrown together suddenly by some kind of freakish, vastly improbable, event. Such an occurrence would be indistinguishable from a miracle.” Michael Denton

What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open. Jose Manuel Barroso

“You be you and I’ll be me, today and today and today, and let’s trust the future to tomorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. Let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies!” Jerry Spinelli

Engineering serendipity is this idea that we can help people come across unexpected but helpful connections at a better than random rate. And in some ways it’s based on trying to reassess this notion of serendipitous as lucky – to think of serendipitous as smart. Ethan Zuckerman

“It made you wonder: How much of our lives was just luck or good timing, and how much was actually choice? How could it be that tiny serendipitous events could change everything? And if lucky events could change everything, could minor mishaps have the same power?” Aditi Khorana

There’ll always be serendipity involved in discovery. Jeff Bezos

“Throughout this journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each one has a purpose in our life. No one we meet is ever a coincidence.” Mimi Novic

The concept of serendipity often crops up in research. Serendipity is the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things that were not being sought. I believe that all researchers can be serendipitous. Akira Suzuki

“If tragedy never entered our lives, we wouldn’t appreciate the magic.” Nikki Rowe

Innovation is serendipity, so you don’t know what people will make. Tim Berners Lee

“It’s all a series of serendipities with no beginnings and no ends. Such infinitesimal possibilities, through which love transcends.” Ana Claudia Antunes

In reality, serendipity accounts for one percent of the blessings we receive in life, work and love. The other 99 percent is due to our efforts. Peter McWilliams

“Give your all to every experience, feel it breathe it appreciate it, nothing lasts forever, when it’s gone you’ll remember the feeling it once gave you and sometimes that’s enough.” Nikki Rowe

I spent a lot of time on recce. It is a kind of creative chaos, but I like the sense of creative serendipity. Tony Harrison

“Kindness is the key that opens the door of favour and beautiful surprises.” Michael Bassey Johnson

I just like the word ‘serendipity.’ Noah Centineo

“Focus on anticipating what serendipity if bringing… because it’s the past, present, and future colliding.” Jeanne McElvaney

Some of the greatest things, as I understand, they have come about by serendipity, the greatest discoveries. Alan Alda

“It was serendipity or maybe synchronicities that brought us together. But our insecurities and emotional instabilities and polarities separated us.” Scarlet Jei Saoirse

I’ve always had this incredible sense of urgency. I’ve always had this desire not to let things fester and to really seize the moment, because it’s serendipity. Sergio Marchionne

“Some people say coincidences are meaningful. That it’s the universe trying to tell you something.” Laurelin Paige

When I wrote the lyrics, melodies, and the first themes of ‘Serendipity,’ I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people’s lives. RM

“We met by chance, one split decision to turn right instead of left made no sense at the time but it felt right and then there was you.” Nikki Rowe

Crazy as it sounds, I’m a believer in destiny and serendipity, and I have had cosmic experiences all my life. Something told me I was meant for greater stuff. And look, I’ve had a baby! And I’ve written an opera! Rufus Wainwright

“Sometimes I feel You were a plot twist In my story You were my serendipity.” Dani Sharma

You know being relevant or coming up with something interesting, funny to say about what’s current is just as hard as it might ever be depending on the serendipity of it all. Lily Tomlin

“The coincidences or little miracles that happen every day of your life are hints that the universe has much bigger plans for you than you ever dreamed of for yourself.” Deepak Chopra

With a modest amount of looks and talent, and more than a modicum of serendipity, I’ve managed to stretch my 15 minutes of fame into 50 years of good fortune. Robert Vaughn

“Serendipity will take you beyond the currents of what is familiar. Invite it. Watch for it. Allow it.” Jeanne McElvaney

A lot of it just has to do with luck, serendipity. Emanuel Ax

“But this? Pure serendipity. And maybe that made it the most precious thing of all because it could so easily not have happened. Maybe, once chance plays so big a part in your life, you realize more is out of your control that you’d like to think.” Charity Shumway

Any work that is born out of natural serendipity or reverts to simpler times is poignant for people – in any era. Cai Guo-Qiang

“What do we call this moment? A serendipity mixed into a nostalgia mixed into a deja vu mixed into an epiphany!” Avijeet Das

Most of us work so hard and live so hard. On the first day of the holiday I remain in work gear, it can take me some time to slow down and all that time I’m missing the serendipity of the wonderful things that are all around us. Tony Robinson

“They happen only when you are distant,aloof. They happen, they cannot be brought. They happen you cannot force them to happen. They are spontaneous happenings.”

When I was 26 or 27, I gave up journalism. I came to England after my mom died, to let serendipity take its course. And I just found myself back in journalism again. Heather Brooke

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes

“Serendipity. The ability to see opportunity when it slaps you in the face and smart enough not to turn the other cheek.” Don Rittner

Serendipity Quotes
Serendipity Quotes